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Join the Yoga Spiritual Holiday Camp® in Costineşti (August 1st – September 6th, 2015), a wonderful vacation that will lighten your heart and uplift your soul. It is a gate to another realm: a paradisiacal and mysterious world. This is the place where all the sublime aspirations can turn into reality!

You are invited to join thousands of people for a five weeks spiritual holiday spent in a miraculous environment, filled with the obvious presence of God, manifested through revelations and synchronicities. You can meet amazing people, enjoy delicious vegetarian food, indulge with the soft ray beams on the Black Sea shore, and at the same time uncover deeper and deeper layers of your being and the secrets of the Universe by participating in a wide range of spiritual activities.

MISA yoga school offers a very complex camp program, including lectures by yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru and by other qualified yoga teachers, highly valuable spiritual initiations that are unique on planet Earth, spiral meditations, extraordinary exemplifications, divine art performances and many other novel activities. Here are just few of them:

•    two different initiations in mantra-s of communion with the Great Avatar Krishna, initiations in mantra-s of communion with Kalki Avatar, with Indra – the great Vedic deity (ruler of Svarga Loka), with Svarga Loka – the spiritual realm of divine deities;
•    initiation in the technique to access the state of beneficial romantic trance;
•    Theophanic Charismatic Movement activities;
•    conferences on a great range of subjects – from how to achieve amorous fulfillment in a spiritual couple relationship to lectures on beneficial extraterrestrials, on ego and  accelerated personal transformation, on how to use occult resonance processes in order to grow spiritually, on the initiatory adventure and its mysteries – and on many other subjects;
•    meditations of communion with great sages and yogis from ancient times till the modern age;
•    meditations of translation in different elevated spiritual realms;
•    Yang Spiral Meditations® followed by Induction of the State of Spiritual Liberation through Divine Miracle, with thousands of participants;
•    Communion with different hypostasis and attributes of God;
•    Miss Shakti competition, with the most beautiful yoginis;
•    Asana-s and meditations on the beach.

The profoundly beneficial effects of being part in these activities can be felt at once, but also in the following months, acting as a sui generis spiritual “nourishment” that feeds the mind and soul and generates further revelations and transformations in your being.

You may participate in the camp disregarding if you are already a yogi or not. If you cannot join for the entire period, you may come for a shorter time, at your choice.

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