Two weeks close to God

An authentic spiritual Guide; ancient teachings, brought from immemorial time to nowadays; initiations which, applied with aspiration and perseverance, lead straight to God; thousands of yogis practicing spiritual techniques in unison! Two weeks of Grace, when God helps us to discover Him through yoga, through divine synchronicities, through the sublime subtle presence of the spiritual Guide and through all the gifts that we ourselves carry in our very own hearts: love of life, thirst for knowledge, brotherhood, enthusiasm, joy… All these, plus many unexpected surprises await us in the Herculane 2015 Spiritual Yoga Holiday Camp® .

Between Wednesday, April 29, until Sunday, May 10, 2015 we are being offered tens of extraordinary spiritual activities to chose from and a natural environment of amazing beauty to thrill our souls, minds and bodies. From yoga practice in nature, to lectures on a wide range of subjects, spiritual exemplifications, spiral meditations and exceptional yoga initiations, to a bit of relaxation in thermal water, on the mountain, under the sky – there are plenty of choices we can make everyday to fill our beings with energy, knowledge, happiness and high spiritual experiences.

Among the main activities of this year’s Herculane Camp, there are:

–   new lectures by yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru;
–   Yang Spiral® meditations, followed by the Induction of the State of Spiritual Liberation through Divine Miracle;
–   exceptional spiritual exemplifications, such as „Godly Attribute of Immortality”, „A New Hypostasis of Shiva – Shiva Vighnesh Anugraha” and „Mysterious Godly Hypostases – 10th series”
–    first time spiritual exemplification „Revelation in the inner universe of the human being of the Godly Attribute of Godly Love”
–    the 12th of March 2015 meditation, done again exactly as it was on that date, on the occasion of yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru’s birthday;
–    meditations of communion with the Great Avatar Krishna, with Kalki Avatar, with the Great Deity Indra and with the Spiritual Realm Svarga Loka;
–    induction of the state of beneficial romantic trance;
–    lectures and special exemplifications for women and for men;
–    activities of the Theophanic Charismatic Movement®, where participation is possible without the camp pass, only with the Theophanic Charismatic Movement® pass
–    sacred art performances;
–    the launch of the book „What if MISA® would have not existed: moving novel testimonials by MISA® Yoga School aspirants”, issued by Shambala Publishing House in April 2015.

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